Fred try educated during the Hogwarts University off Witchcraft and you can Wizardry out-of 1989–1996, and you can was Sorted into the Gryffindor Home

First 12 months

He had been quite popular among the Gryffindors in school, in which he and you will George was infamous for their senses out of humour and you may pranks. The latest twins even set upwards their particular joke shop throughout the disused bathroom with the seventh floor. Certainly Fred’s of many nearest and dearest have been: Lee Jordan, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, Oliver Timber, and you will Katie Bell. In their first year at Hogwarts, Fred and you will George swiped the fresh new Marauder’s Chart out of Argus Filch’s place of work. [17]

Second seasons

Within their second year, Fred and you can George turned Beaters for the Gryffindor Quidditch group. Both utilized Cleansweep Four broomsticks and you may was in fact very skilled from the Quidditch which they had been one another named are such as “People Bludgers”. [5]

It had been listed from the Ron Weasley towards the Hogwarts Express you to Fred and George hit “really good marks”, no less than in their very early decades. [5]

Third year

Fred in addition to turned into nearest and dearest having Harry Potter in his 3rd seasons, when Harry palled around together with his younger sis Ron and are generated the brand new Quidditch team’s Hunter. Fred additionally the almost every other users thought that the addition of Harry will be a bona-fide shot throughout the arm to their opportunity of effective the Quidditch Glass. Within the Christmas getaways, Fred and you can George got back troubles to have bewitching multiple snowballs to go after Teacher Quirrell doing, and strike your in the rear of your face (they were, without a doubt, unaware that they was organizing snowballs in Voldemort’s deal with).

It lived in this new castle on getaways the help of its brothers and you will Harry, each one of exactly who acquired jumpers out-of Mrs Weasley. The brand new jumpers she provided for Fred and you can George didn’t have the initials in it once the Harry’s and you may Ron’s performed, compelling them to call on their own “Gred and Forge”. This new twins along with dragged Percy off his fellow prefects, insisting you to Christmas is actually going back to family, and you will took their prefect badge, much to their annoyances. [5]

Fourth year

In the summer off 1992, Fred, George, and you may Ron saved Harry out-of his relatives’ household immediately following maybe not hearing out of your inside earlier in the day summer few days. They taken the fresh pubs off his screen and flew your in order to the newest Burrow in their dad’s Ford Anglia. When you find yourself at Burrow Fred and you can George concerned see Harry top while they invested date flying that have him. The newest twins in the future first started the fourth-year at Hogwarts, and you can got in order to teasing its young sibling Ginny because the she first started this lady first year. These were seeking to brighten the lady upwards, unaware one to the girl mental state was fragile due to the dictate out-of Tom Riddle’s Log.

You to definitely seasons, the fresh new Chamber regarding Secrets was open and you can frighting messages have been composed to your palace walls. Rumours was basically releasing you to Harry is actually accountable for it, since the he talked Parseltongue which means that could be the Heir away from Slytherin. Neither Fred neither George took such rumours undoubtedly, they receive the whole thing laughable and frequently joked about this (frequently bringing Harry even in the event packed corridors screaming, “Make-way!”). Nonetheless they came to Hermione Granger’s protection when Draco Malfoy entitled the girl an excellent “filthy nothing Mudblood”, by the lunging during the your, simply to feel banned because of the Slytherin Quidditch Captain Marcus Flint. [15]

Fred helped manage Harry setting a beneficial rogue Bludger through the Gryffindor’s opening fits against Slytherin. Immediately following Gryffindor won the newest Quidditch suits, Fred went to a healthcare facility wing with the rest of this new Gryffindor Quidditch group to see Harry since the Gilderoy Lockhart got eliminated all skeleton within his sleeve, and you can congratulated him to own their unbelievable flying, yet not in advance of viewing Marcus Flint shouting at Draco Malfoy to own “acquiring the Snitch on top of their lead rather than observing”, at which he advised Harry. [15] After the institution seasons, Fred try treated whenever their young cousin is actually protected – and you will pleased when she sito incontri veri per single 420 showed that Percy had a secret girlfriend, as this was some other chance to grab the mickey from him. [15]